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Which Services Are Provided?

We offer:

  • Complimentary lodging for qualified cancer patients and caretakers during treatment at West Texas Cancer Center (WTCC)
  • Transportation assistance for both local and out-of-town patients
  • Financial assistance for medicine required by cancer treatment protocol
  • Durable medical equipment as needed
  • Sandwich lunches for chemo lab patients at WTCC
  • Cosmetic enhancement at the WTCC through the Look Good, Feel Good Shop
What is Hope House?

Hope house is one of the services provided by West Texas Gifts of Hope (WTGOH).  Qualified cancer patients being treated at WTCC who reside outside the city limits of Odessa are able to stay at Hope House free of charge during their cancer treatments. The house provides four bedrooms with private bathrooms, a common kitchen, dining room and living area as well as laundry facilities.

How do I qualify to stay at Hope House?

Preferred patients must be recommended by the WTCC oncologists. Patients typically live out of Odessa city limits and  have no other lodging opportunities with relatives or friends.

How long can a cancer patient stay?

Qualified patients may stay Monday through Thursday of each week until treatment is completed.   Patients depart Hope House by 3:00 on Friday.   The Hope House is not open on the weekends.

Are meals provided?

Meals are not provided.  Only microwave cooking is available.  Both a refrigerator and freezer are available for patient use.

Is medical care provided at Hope House?

Medical care or equipment is not provided by Hope House. Qualified patients must be ambulatory and able to care for themselves. It is highly recommended that each patient has a caregiver because there is no Hope House staff  on site during the evening or night hours.

Is it safe to stay at Hope House?

Hope House is secured by electronic gates and magnetic doors.  During the 9:00-4:00 Monday-Friday business hours, the west building door and the west entrance gate are open to the public.  Both doors and gates are locked at all times after 4:00 P.M. until 9:00 A.M Monday through Friday. Entry badges are provided for after-hours access through the gate and for 24 hour access to the house. All residents and care takers are checked for criminal history before admission.